What is the Best Alarm System for my home?

Just like any other product you purchase such as a TV, Sound System, Car or Mobile phone, the best Alarm is one that fits your needs and the environment it is to be installed within.

A cheap Alarm that you can’t rely on and does not make you feel safe isn’t worth spending the money on, no matter how cheap it is. Just as an expensive, high end Alarm that you really can not afford and have difficulty operating would not provide you peace of mind either.

Every individual and family has their own needs, wants and requirements and an Alarm should be tailored for each individual.

We offer a cost and obligation free consultation, where we meet with you and conduct a Risk Assessment and match a customer designed system to meet your budget, constraints and several other specific parameters.

Will having an Alarm really reduce my chance of being burgled?

Studies show that properties with an Alarm System Installed are Three (3) to Four (4) times less likely to be burgled. Thieves look for easy targets and properties where they are unlikely to attract attention and be caught.

Will I receive a discount on my insurance?

Insurance Companies are aware that properties with an Alarm System is less likely to be burglarized and as a result they are less likely to have to pay out a large insurance claim due to stolen property.

Consequently, most Insurance Companies will apply a significant discount to your premium. To be intitled to the maximum premium reduction back to base monitoring would be a requirement.

Other factors such as location, coverage of the alarm system, previous claims and a variety of other aspects will be considered by your insurance company. You will need to contact your individual insurance company to ascertain this information.

My House has just been broken into. What should I do?

You and Your Family’s Safety is paramount. So, the first step is to ensure that the offender or Offenders are not still in your home.

Once you are sure it is safe to return home or preferable from a neighbours house or outside the property immediately contact the Police and be sure not to touch anything. As this may disturb the evidence and inhibit the police from potentially catching the culprit0.

Statistics show that you are likely to be broken into again within Ninety (90) days and its important to take appropriate steps to secure your premises and safeguard yourself and family from future break ins.

 We offer a cost and obligation free consultation, where we meet with you and can provide a Risk Assessment, advising on suitable steps and measures to secure and safeguard your property

Will my Pets trigger an Alarm?

As a rule of thumb small dogs generally do not poise an issue, while larger dogs can be a problem.

Cats are more active and tend to climb on furniture, resulting in the trigger of motion detectors.

However, there are several alternatives and options we can utilise to provide a Pet Friendly Alarm System providing coverage of your premises whilst still allowing your pets to remain in the house without generating nuisance alarms. Such as Pet Immunity Detectors which work well when suitably positioned and adjusted correctly.

We offer a cost and obligation free consultation, where we meet with you and discuss the requirements and design a suitable System to accommodate your Pets.

Am I able to set the Alarm when I am at home?

We can program your alarm so that you can partially arm certain sections of your house at night or when you are home alone to provide protection. Once this has been programmed you can arm your alarm in Stay Mode which will allow you to freely move around some of the house.

We are available for a cost and obligation free assessment and consultation where we can discuss the various options and provide recommendations for a number of advanced features such as Stay Arming.

Why is my Alarm System Beeping and What Should I do?

A beeping Alarm System can be annoying and distract the entire house. However, it is important to understand there is a reason that the Alarm is beeping.

The Display on The Keypad should indicate exactly what the problem is. However, all Alarm Systems are slightly different, and you may need to consult the user manual for assistance.

If you have a Monitored Alarm System contact the Company whom monitors your Alarm and they should be able to assist you. For Ray Turner Technologies Customers our Control Room can be contacted on 1300 997 267.

If your Alarm is not monitored contact us on 0448 141 747 and we will be able to assist or provide direction.

What is the difference between a monitored or back to base alarm and a local alarm?

A local alarm when triggered makes a lot of noise with the sirens going off. As well as The Strobe flashing.

This will hopefully scare off the intruders whilst alerting neighbours and others in close proximity and then you are reliant on them to contact the police and advise of the alarm.

A back to base monitored alarm will also make a lot of noise but communicate directly to our dedicated 24-hour control room where control room staff can take actions and contact yourself or dispatch a Mobile Patrol. The exact actions we take are predetermined by yourself.

What happens if my Alarm Goes Off?

During the cost and obligation free consultation, we will run you through all of the options and possible response plans. From there you will be able to make an educated decision on exactly how your Alarm operates.

Some of the more popular options include:

Self-Monitoring – This is via an App on your Mobile Phone. When an Alarm is triggered you will receive a notification to your smart phone.

Back to Base Monitoring – Our 24/7 365 Monitoring Centre will monitor your Alarm and should an Alarm be triggered we can contact yourself, family members, neighbours or send a Mobile Patrol.

How exactly does Back to Base Alarm Monitoring Work?

Our Dedicated Team of Security Professionals Monitor signals and status messages sent from your Alarm Panel to our control Room. We monitor your system for more than a break in. For example, if the power fails, we will notify you.

Once an event has occurred, we will follow your predetermined instructions and notify the relevant person or persons.

We will provide you with all details such as which motion detector has been triggered and what actions we have taken. We can also send dispatch a Mobile Patrol if you are not home, do not feel comfortable attending by yourself or require this attentional level of protection.

If my Internet drops out, does that mean my Security System will stop working?

Ray Turner Technologies would never utilise an Internet Connection as the only monitoring patch for back to base monitoring. If we were to connect your Alarm to the Control Room using the Internet, we would always have a back up path utilising the GSM Network.

Many of the Self-Monitoring options however do utilise only an Internet Connection and therefore if the internet stops working, the alarm will not report to your Smart Phone.

During our cost and obligation free consultation, where we meet with you, we will provide you with all possible options and clearly advise you on the pros and cons along with our recommendations for your individual circumstances.

The NBN is being connected. Will my monitored alarm still work?

Changing over to The NBN will likely have an impact on all Technologies within your home that require an Internet or Telephone Connection. This includes your Alarm System.

The age and type of your Alarm will have an impact and be dependant on whether your Alarm system can continue to operate once the NBN has been connected. In the majority of cases we are able to change over your Alarm for a small fee and a reviewed monitoring contact.

There are several options to change over to The NBN for your Alarm System.

Our preferred option includes the Installation of a GPRS Module which utilises the Mobile 4G Network to communicate to the Control Room as opposed to the PSTN Phone Line. The Communication Channel is independent to The NBN Connection and The GPRS Module is powered from The Alarm System and has back up battery power to allow the Alarm to still communicate during a power outage.

What will happen if my Alarm loses power due to a Power Failure?

Most Alarm Systems have a Battery Back Up installed which means during a power failure the Alarm System will operate off the Back Up Battery.

Each Alarm is different, and a variety of factors will affect how long the Alarm will last but as a rule of thumb the Alarm will be able to be powered from the battery for up to 48 hours. Once the power is restored, the system will switch back over to mains power and the battery will begin recharging until it is back at full capacity once again.

How Long should the Battery in my Alarm Panel Last?

The Battery within The Main Panel should last between Three (3) and Five (5) years.

However, this depends on the Environment that the Panel is installed within and a number of other aspects.

For assurance your battery will effectively power your Alarm during a Black Out or Brown Out, we recommend changing this annually. We can offer a cost effective annual preventative maintenance visit at the same time to ensure your Alarm is operating as it should.

Does my Alarm System need to be serviced? If so how often?

We recommend that you have a through Service of your Alarm on an Annual Basis.

Ray Turner Technologies can complete this with a service call for a small fee.

I am not very Tech Savvy. Will the Alarm be easy to operate?

Many of the Alarm Systems Ray Turner Technologies Install are very user friendly. To Arm the Alarm in most cases its as simple as entering a Four (4) digit code and pressing on or even a single button on the Keypad. To turn the alarm off it’s a matter of re-entering the four (4) digit code and pressing off.

We are also able to offer Remotes or FOBs which are in essence similar to a garage remote, where you press a single button on the remote to arm or disarm the Alarm.

Of course, there are a variety of other options of which may also be suitable. We will discuss other alternatives in depth with you during a cost and obligation free consultation.

I am renting. Can I still have an Alarm System Installed?

Defiantly. Ray Turner Technologies have a variety of options and a Wireless Alarm System are ideal for rental properties. These systems can be installed with minimal alterations to the property and relocated with you when you move on. However, permission from your real estate would be required prior to Installation.

We offer a cost and obligation free consultation, where we meet with you and discuss your requirements and design a suitable System to accommodate the Rental Property you occupy at an affordable price.

How Loud is the Internal Siren?

The Internal Siren often referred to as the Piezo or Screamer is 110 Decibels.

Is My New Security System Tax Deductable?

Ray Turner Technologies provide a Tax Invoice for all Work Completed including New Installations as well as Service Calls.

Weather your system is tax deductable or not will depend on if it’s for a home, business or a rental property as well as a variety of other personal circumstances.

You are best to contact your Accountant and discuss this.

We can arrange a cost and obligation free consultation, where we meet with you and conduct a Risk Assessment and match a customer designed system to your needs. At which point we can provide an itemised and detailed proposal you can present to your Accountant.

Do you provide a warranty?

All New Installed Systems are offered with a Twelve (12) month Standard Defects Liability Period from the Installation Date. The Warranty includes Parts and Labour. Ray Turner Technologies will assess and repair or replace the defective item or component if it is reported to us within the warranty period. Proof of purchase will be required for all warranty claims.

Batteries and Programming Changes or Additional Programme Requirements are not covered by any warranty.