Testing Smoke Detectors (Battery and 240v Hardwired)

Smoke Detectors are electronic devices and are prone to failure over time. Regularly testing Smoke Detectors, Replacing Batteries and detecting faulty components is a necessary way to ensure you and your family stays safe in the unfortunate event of a house fire.

It is recommended that Testing be carried out on a monthly basis and Batteries are replaced at least annually. With the detectors replaced every ten years.

Steps to test Smoke Alarms are as follows:

Smoke Alarms emit a high pitched auditable tone. Prior to commencing testing advise family members and consider children and pets whom may be startled or frightened by the noise
Visually inspect the Smoke Alarm for physical damage. Any smoke alarms with signs of damage or deterioration should be replaced.
Press and Hold The “Test Button” on the smoke alarm. After a few seconds a loud ear piercing noise should begin emitting from the smoke alarm (followed shortly after from the other smoke detectors in the house if they have been interconnected). If the noise is weak or non-existent try replacing the batteries and retest. Should the problem persist give Ray Turner Technologies a call or contact your local Contractor to assist with repairs and replacement as required.
Clean any dust, dirt or cobwebs off the smoke detector
As a general rule if the smoke alarm is beeping, the green light goes out or turns red or you notice a similar abnormality the most likely remedy is that the battery needs to be replaced.

Note you should always refer to the Manufactures instructions for testing and maintenance and the above is a generic guideline only and not brand, make nor model specific.