Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention is simply defined as a set of practices employed by Retailers to preserve profit through eradicating or at least minimising “shrinkage” by theft, fraud, wastage, vandalism, abuse, other deliberate acts of misconduct or in advert error by staff members through poorly executed business practices or failure to follow procedures and policies.

The bulk of losses within The Retail sector are a result of deliberate but preventable criminal acts.

Depending on the specifics of your Business, The particulars of encountered losses, current loss prevention measures presently employed, allocated budget and other factors there are a number of effective measures that can be employed, including but not limited to:

Technology – CCTV, RFID/Electronic Tags, Point of Sale Equipment, Doorbells, etc.

People – Uniformed Security Guards, Covert Plain Clothed Security Personnel, Cash Escorts, Increased Staff Presence, Staff Positioning, etc.  

Physical – Store Layout, Position of Checkouts, Shorten Displays, Mirrors, Security Display Hooks, Display Cabinets, Install a Safe, etc.

Systems and Administration – Establishing Responsibilities and accountability, Developing Procedures and Policies, Signage, Inventory Management Tools, Staff Training, Staff Vetting, etc.

Ray Turner

Director – Ray Turner Technologies