Crime and Convid-19

This is an all too familiar sight at the moment and will increase dramatically as we lockdown further, more people lose their jobs and financial strain sets in.

This is not meant to scare anyone but rather a reminder to check you alarm is serviced, tested, in working order and the battery is sufficient to power the system in a power outage.

Your Cameras are in working order, clean and clear from any any obstructions and the Hard Drive is Recording.

Don’t become a victim of crime in this already stressful and uncertain time. 

Now is the time to consider back to base monitoring, setting up “stay programming” so you are able to arm areas of the house you do not access when you and your family are sleeping, add a duress button and make any system repairs you were holding off doing.

If you require any assistance, we are here to help and offering ad 20% discount in this difficult time.

Ray and the Ray Turner Technologies Team