DIY, Hobby, Counterfeit and Grey Market Products

Ray Turner Technologies regret to inform all Customers and Potential Customers that we are unable to supply nor install DIY, Hobby, Counterfeit, Grey Market, nor any alike products.

Recently we have encountered an increasing number of requests to install customer purchased substandard equipment that fits one or more of the above criteria, of which in our professional opinion is not fit for purpose.

You may find one or more of our competitors and other integration/ installation companies take a different stand and you will be able to locate an establishment whom will assist with your needs. However this simply is not what we do.

We supply and install professional systems manufactured by reputable companies and distributed through authorised dealers and retailers, made specifically for the Australian Market. 

We understand and appreciate the low prices offered online, in Budget Retail Stores, amateur and hobbyist electronic stores and other avenues may seem to be tempting. However before making a purchase we advise you to consider the following, which is by no means specific nor exhausted:

  • Lack of Warranty
  • Firmwear Lockdown
  • Bricking of the item
  • Firmware availability
  • Lack of components for repairs and service
  • Safety Standards
  • Compliance with Australian Regulations
  • Suitability for the Australian Market (i.e. Power Requirements, Wireless Frequencies, In Built Languages, etc.)
  • Software Bugs
  • Lack of Local Support
  • Product quality
  • Lack of Factory Testing
  • Satificatoion of installed equipment vs expectation
  • Misleading Advertisement

We take the approach that anything that is too good to be true usually is.

We currently hold certifications and credentials in a variety of various vendor products and have close relationships with a vast number of suppliers and manufactures. We are constantly undergoing training, workshops, engaging on forums, undertaking discussions with Industry Personnel,  conducting R&D (Research and Development), bench testing various products as well as a variety of other activities at any given time.

We offer a warranty on all installations as well as ongoing support, which relies on doing the job right the first time using quality products.